General introduction
Address: 73/85 Ha Dinh Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Transaction Office:  Building NV4.4, Viglacera Urban Area, Tay Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
Representative office:  A10, Lane 24, Nghia Do Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Factory: Lideco Urban Area, Tram Troi Center, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
Business registration number:  0104923115                   issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment
Account number: 0111027549008
Open at: An Binh Joint Stock Commercial Bank Hanoi Branch
Tel: +84 24 626 233 88        Fax: +84 24 626 233 88
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1 – Key equipment, main fields:
• Supply and installation of measuring and testing equipment, medical equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, orientation and control…
• Supply of laboratory and industrial chemicals.
• Trade brokerage, trade promotion.
• Supply and installation of educational and vocational training equipment; equipment and office supplies.
• Provide learning models, training software, simulation software, training consultancy and technology transfer in the fields of electricity, electronics, telecommunications, information technology, automotive technology. , mechanics and automation…
• Supply of computer equipment – office, Supply of industrial equipment, Automation equipment, audio equipment, presentation equipment, surveillance camera.
• Provide warranty and maintenance services for office equipment….
• Consulting and providing solutions on network systems, information security, network security, website programming and design, online advertising.
• Mechanical repair and processing.
• Buying and selling furniture.
• Basic construction, civil construction…
2 – Businesses and partners that have provided equipment:
• Institutions Institute – Research Center.
• Universities, institutes, colleges, middle schools
• Vocational colleges, vocational secondary schools
• Vocational training centers
• Departments of Education, Department of Education, Departments, Departments, branches of the State …
• Provincial Farmers’ Associations and Centers…
3 – Criteria for goods and reasonable prices.
• Vines Company is one of the companies specializing in the supply, production, construction and installation of measuring equipment, research equipment, industrial equipment, educational equipment, and model learning tools that meet quality standards. high and has been tested by major customers in universities, colleges, professional intermediate schools; vocational colleges, vocational secondary schools, state agencies and departments; At the same time, it is also a supplier of products of major companies in terms of measuring equipment, mechanical equipment, scientific equipment, technological equipment, software… such as: Acuitas, Testometric,Qualitest,Sanwood,NeuroSoft, Microsoft, Linux, HP, IBM, Dell, Samsung, LG, Sony, Optoma, Panasonic, GSK, ATECH, PRMT, BETA, SIEMENS… and some others worldwide.
• With the criteria of quality and the best service to satisfy customers, Vines Company will support customers with construction solutions on demand along with the best price in the fastest time.
4 – Producing, distributing and being an agent of scientific and technical equipment and Measurement.
• Vines Company specializes in consulting, building, manufacturing and commercially supplying test equipment, laboratory equipment, training, learning models, vocational training equipment to provide and satisfy practice needs as well as training in Institutes – Research Centers, Universities, Academy, Colleges, Vocational Schools, Vocational Colleges and Vocational Training Centers, High Schools, Middle schools and elementary schools across the country….
• With a team of highly qualified technicians, many years of experience in the profession, as partners and associates with many major equipment manufacturers, we will bring satisfaction and satisfaction to customers about solutions. on scientific equipment, vocational training or research equipment, etc., upon request.
• In addition, Vines Company is also an authorized representative and distribution agent for a number of manufacturers and large corporations in the fields of: Testing equipment, laboratory equipment, educational equipment , vocational training equipment, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, machine tools, etc., so we can advise and provide solutions for training in technology transfer as well as training in technical equipment. high level art.
5 – Provide network solutions, computer and office equipment, smart device solutions.
5.1 – Computers, printers, fax machines and peripherals.
• Vines Company has been an authorized representative and genuine distributor of major electronic brands such as: Microsoft, HP, IBM, Acer, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, Samsung, Canon, Brother, CMS, FPT, VTB…
5.2 – Computer networks, servers, network equipment, storage devices, electrical safety systems
• Network solutions, network security in operating management system, in education, in teaching practice have been combined by the company on products of companies such as Microsoft, Linux, IBM, HP, DELL, 3COM, Cisco System, AMP, APC, SMC, Upselect, Suntak,,….
5.3 – Digital camcorders, copiers, scanners, cameras, audio equipment
• Office equipment that is used a lot in offices and schools such as digital copiers, super speed copiers, printers, printers, multi-function projectors, cameras, audio equipment of the company. Well-known brands that have been confirmed by the market such as Ricoh, Sharp, Getesner, Sony, Canon, Sanyo, Eiki, Hitachi, Optoma, TOA have been selected by Vines Company to represent in Vietnam.
In addition, Vines company also provides many other services and equipment. When you need to build projects, or consult projects, technology solutions as well as industrial and office equipment, customers can directly contact Hotline number to