EQuest and 8 members are accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI, agencies of Cognia Foundation, USA

On July 25, 2022, EQuest Education Group officially announced: After one year of implementing the requirements from the Cognia international education accreditation unit (USA), EQuest Education Organization and its member units members have passed the accreditation of NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI – accrediting agencies of Cognia Foundation, USA

EQuest Education Organization and its member units are accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI

With this result, EQuest became the first Vietnamese private educational institution to achieve Cognia accreditation. EQuest member units that have passed the same accreditation include: Alpha Education System, Victory Experimental Education System, Newton Inter-School System, Hanoi Education Technology Primary School, St. Nicholas Da Nang, Victory Saigon High School (formerly Dong Do High School), iSMART Education (iTD Academy, iTO and 789.vn) and IvyPrep Education.

Ready to meet international standards

Cognia is the world’s largest accrediting organization, with 125 years of history, accrediting 40,000 schools/institutions in 85 countries worldwide. Cognia owns 3 largest regional accreditation agencies in the US (NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI).

The accreditation process by Cognia at each institution/educational unit usually takes place within 1.5 to 2 years and is valid for 5 years. EQuest is one of the organizations with the fastest accreditation time.

EQuest is one of the organizations with the fastest accreditation time.

Cognia’s accreditation shows its ability to meet international standards in all three competencies (Leadership, Teaching & Learning Organization and Resource Management) and demonstrates commitment constantly strive to improve the educational quality of EQuest and its member units.

Mr. Mark Jonathan Sayer, EQuest’s Deputy General Manager for High School said: “Accrediting comprehensive education quality accreditation is an important milestone for us. I believe that, after EQuest, there will be more institutions. Education in Vietnam participates in international accreditation, which will contribute to raising standards and establishing the position of Vietnamese education compared to other countries in the region and global integration.

EQuest now has so much value to offer and I believe in its success in providing our students with excellent educational opportunities today and great possibilities later in life. “.

Mr. Truong Minh Chau – Head of EQuest’s Accreditation Department said, Cognia highly appreciates EQuest’s outstanding strengths, which are: Having a leadership team rich in vision and ability; a culture of shared leadership; effective strategic plan with clear goals; strong and good technology background; has rich data from different sources and is really serious about continuous improvement.

For schools, Cognia is based on academic performance, progress and equal learning opportunities in a safe environment; effective teaching environment, teachers are professionally trained and have equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Dr. Mark A. Elgart – President and CEO of Cognia – said: “Cognia Accreditation is a rigorous process that directs the entire school and its community to the primary goal of preparing learners. lifelong involvement in engaging educational environments where all students can succeed.

EQuest has much to offer in providing students with excellent educational opportunities today and great possibilities in their later lives.

EQuest Education Group is commendable for demonstrating that it has met high standards and is making progress in key metrics that affect student learning.”

Commitment will bring more benefits to learners

Students and parents will be the ones who receive the most benefits after EQuest and its member units are internationally accredited.

First,  the comprehensiveness of the program and accredited transcripts will increase the competitive advantage for students entering the world’s top universities;

Second, accreditation promotes continuous improvement in school programs and activities, personalization in learning to provide the best educational experience for students.

Third, students save billions of dong when they can attend high-quality education programs right in Vietnam with the same assessment standards, which are guaranteed to be internationalized because they are all independently accredited by the university. third party, Cognia. In particular, the accreditation process will best evaluate and improve existing bilingual programs.

Dr. Dam Quang Minh, General Director of EQuest’s General Department, said that in the coming time, EQuest and Cognia are ready to share their experiences in participating in international education accreditation with educational institutions, organizations, and institutions. schools in Vietnam.

According to Ngoc Tram


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