Is your home smart and secure enough?

If you are planning summer trips or long business trips, home security is always one of the top concerns.

Whether your home has been smartly protected, let’s check the following factors to assess the intelligence of your home.

Do you already have a smart camera?

It can be said that security cameras are one of the most important and should-have devices to start a smart home. In addition to the traditional recording feature, security cameras on the market today are equipped with other useful features such as motion detection of people, pets or vehicles by AI, 2-way talk, customized alerts. verbal, active defense… help protect your home all day long.

When preparing for multi-day trips, worries about unexpected happenings in the house or intruders will reduce the joy and excitement of many people. Therefore, ensuring the safety of both indoor and outdoor spaces should be given equal priority.

Indoor security cameras are a great assistant to help protect the house from the arising from the inside, or record remarkable moments when you are away. Most families are interested in indoor security camera products that are equipped with image and sound detection functions, to prevent unnecessary risks. This gives homeowners peace of mind that even while enjoying the ride, their phones will still receive important notifications when there is any unusual movement or sound in the home.

For outdoor areas, cameras with the ability to talk two-way, set up voice alerts and proactive defense are very popular with Vietnamese people recently. The active defense function and voice alarm will be extremely useful when you need to warn a stranger who is trying to break into the house, that their movements have been detected and recorded. At the same time, the 2-way talk function also helps you communicate with people who come to your door while you are away, worries will be greatly reduced with just a few simple steps.

It would be a mistake to only protect the space in front of the door with security cameras. A set of smart door locks will help you say goodbye to bulky, rusty locks, keys that are easy to lose and forget, many smart door locks on the market offer features that help make your home more comfortable. More secure, opening the door to the house is also convenient and fast without having to worry about misplaced keys.

Temporarily forget about putting the key in the lock to unlock, now your house lock will automatically identify your fingerprint to open the door, your task is just to touch to open it like a smartphone. In addition, you can enter the house with a magnetic card and a previously set password. Some of the high-end door locks on the market can also connect to the app, which helps you manage the list of people who can enter your home and create a password to enter the temporary home.

Smart sensor device completes the house

Smart sensors are an essential part of a home security system, complementing surveillance cameras. It gives you peace of mind when you know if all your doors or even your windows are properly closed, whether there is any unusual movement in the house in the nooks and crannies that the camera cannot. Scan to, watch out, but the risk is very small in the house.

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