Smart classroom solution – Future classroom model.

Smart Classroom or smart classroom is a new educational model that has been developing strongly around the world in recent years. In Vietnam, many schools have started experimenting with this model and received many positive feedbacks from students and teachers.

Especially in the context of the new normal like today, smart classrooms increasingly clearly show the effectiveness and benefits when helping to deploy face-to-face and online classes for students to flexibly participate in. The lesson contributes to ensuring the quality of training even during the ongoing pandemic. With the continuous development of technology and the great benefits that Smart Classroom brings, Smart Classroom is predicted to be the classroom model in the future.

Giải pháp lớp học thông minh - Mô hình lớp học trong lương lai

What is Smart Classroom?

Smart classroom is a classroom solution that fully integrates technology devices to support the learning process such as computers, interactive screens, video conferencing systems, wireless projectors, etc. an online teaching software for teachers to easily combine online classroom control when necessary.

Each of the above teaching tools is based on powerful, user-friendly, easy-to-use technology, but all are designed to work in sync to enliven teaching content, enhance interest in learning, creating a lively, interesting and highly effective learning environment for teachers and students, which significantly improves students’ learning outcomes.

Giải pháp lớp học thông minh - Mô hình lớp học trong lương lai
Smart classroom solution – Future classroom model

Outstanding advantages of smart classrooms:

Smart classrooms help enhance multi-dimensional interaction between teachers and students, and students with students through group teaching, group study, group discussion through classroom management software.

Participate in learning anytime, anywhere: create flexibility in learning and teaching and can expand the audience to participate in the lesson when it is possible to connect more between face-to-face and online
Enhancing interoperability: Strengthening the interaction between Managers – Schools; between Teacher-Students and between Parents-Students
Improving teaching quality: Innovating the way of transmitting knowledge from teachers and absorbing information from students in a more vivid and intuitive way.

Improving the quality of teaching must always be a matter of concern to schools, timely grasping trends and staying ahead of trends will greatly contribute to improving the quality of education and training. satisfaction for both parents and students.

One of the quite important devices in the smart classroom system is the video conferencing device because it not only helps students participate in the class anytime, anywhere, but thanks to the high-end audio integration for the classroom experience. more vivid learning experience. A video conferencing system usually includes a camera, microphone and speakers.

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