What is online meeting? Effective online meeting solutions.

What is online meeting? Heard a lot, but do you ever know how to install and build an online meeting room? How much cost? … If you don’t know, let’s find out with Logico! In addition, we also provide consulting and online conferencing solutions that are most suitable for your organization or business!

hình ảnh họp trực tuyến cho chính phủ
Introducing the best online conferencing solutions today

Today online meeting solution is the first choice to replace traditional meetings that are geographically limited. Online conferencing helps businesses reduce costs and time in meetings, bringing more efficiency in work.

What is an online meeting?

Online meeting (meeting online, meeting conference) is a conference meeting through software, web conferencing, phone through the Internet/PSTN environment to reduce costs and organization time compared to traditional face-to-face meetings. face. In addition, the online conferencing solution is also applied in distance learning at centers and schools; consultation and diagnosis at the hospital; military guidance of the government,…

Benefits of online meetings

There are dozens of benefits when your business organizes and deploys online conference calls, typical Logico lists out for you!

Hình ảnh lợi ích của việc họp trực tuyến
There are many benefits when businesses organize online meetings
Connecting many people, everywhere at the same time, eliminating geographical distance;

The meeting took place quickly, shortening the time and limiting the problems during the move;
Maximum cost savings for each meeting;
Timely information exchange internally, improve cooperation between partners, take care of customers professionally;
Professional exchange and training from x;
Application in many fields: business, medical, education, defense,…
4 popular online meeting solutions today

Knowing the benefits is that, but how to build the solution, not everyone knows, below are the 3 most popular online meeting solutions you can refer to today.

1. Meeting via video conferencing equipment

The video conferencing solution uses a system of hardware and software devices in combination to transmit images and sound to another system via the internet, WAN, LAN.

This meeting solution is the most expensive because it has to invest in the hardware system for the demand points (equipment and operation costs), how many meeting points you have to deploy and install the system for each point. Although the investment budget is high, in return, online meetings through video conferencing are very professional and effective.

Advantages: Multi-person, multi-point conference, multiple presentation and data sharing functions, perfect picture & sound experience. It can be said that this is the most optimal solution for a professional video conferencing meeting.
Cons: High investment cost, need training to use initial equipment.

họp trực tuyến qua các thiết bị hội nghị truyền hình

Conference through Video Conferencing Device

2. Online conference by phone

Is an audio conference (direct verbal communication) through a dedicated conference phone. It is basically the same as a traditional telephone exchange, but it has a high sensitivity microphone, a wide talking radius (>5m), an external speaker output for many people, and can connect to many call points at the same time.

Advantages:  Cheap cost (several million or more depending on the function of the phone).
Cons: Only exchange by sound, can’t see each other’s faces.

Hình ảnh họp trực tuyến qua thiết bị Polycom
Polycom equipment

3. Online chat via software/web

Is a form of video call on current software/web chat, supports free online meetings such as Skype, Hangout, VSee, … but the function is very limited, even if you pay to use the full function. but that is still not good enough for an important conference meeting.

Pros: Free or low cost.
Cons: Limited many functions such as not being able to present data, save meeting content, limit the points of participation, meeting in a small space of a few people, poor image and sound quality, easily interrupted due to network transmission…

skype business phần mềm họp trực tuyến thông dụng hiện nay
Skype for Business 

4. Using online conferencing service

The trend of online meetings is increasing, so many companies have conference services to meet the market. Basically, this is also a form of conference via software, but these software have many higher functions like using video conferencing equipment.

Advantages: Low cost
Cons: Small size, not active in the meeting, not the company’s assets

họp trực tuyến bằng các thiết bị đi thuê

Which online meeting solution should I choose?

Which solution is the best fit for your business when it comes to implementing an online conversational conferencing solution.

Small companies, a head office, business areas that do not require conferences, just need to invest in a conference phone set for audio conferencing combined with using today’s free video call software such as Skype. for Business.
Medium and large companies, with 2 or more branches, in business areas where urgent and regular meetings are necessary, or exchange with customers and partners, should always invest in video conferencing equipment for professionals, significant cost and time savings later on.

Online meeting solution has been a meeting trend in the future, investing in an online conference room is essential for businesses. Foreseeing that trend, Logico Trading Co., Ltd. has quickly updated its technology and become the authorized agent of Polycom, Cisco, Aver, specializing in providing solutions and video conferencing equipment in Vietnam.

Above is all information about  What is Online Meeting? Actually, it is not too strange to many people and businesses, especially those who work in the education industry, hospitals, … There are many solutions to choose from free to paid if you Need advice or install a professional online meeting room can contact us for the most detailed and specific advice!

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